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Experience Freedom

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Live In Freedom

Liberated Living Counseling Services empowers hurting individuals, couples, and families to live in freedom through our biblically-based professional counseling services.

Counseling For Pastors

Helping pastors develop healthy skills and disciplines to thrive in ministry.

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Individual Counseling

Helpful conversations leading to a healthier you!

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Congregational Coaching

Assisting pastors and ministry leaders to cultivate a healthy congregation.

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Marriage Counseling

A safe place to build a healthy marriage.

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Participate in intensive counseling sessions at God's House of Hope.

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Develop the skills to cultivate a well connected family.


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Disengage from the world and re-engage with God.

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Freedom Found

People and Pastors trust us to help hurting people experience freedom.

"Good counselors don't tell you what to do. They listen. They ask questions. They then make observations and give suggestions. Jerry Evens does an excellent job of all these things. He's not afraid to speak the truth, but he is first and foremost a friend who enters into your situation to understand and see what is really going on.  I speak not as a partner in ministry or even as a friend. Although I am both. I speak as someone who has benefited personally from the honest and insightful conversations that brought healing and direction to my own marriage."

Matt Given, Pastor

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