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Last month, I had an incredible opportunity to speak at two Formational Leadership Cohort gatherings at Hershey Free Church. Each three-hour cohort session consisted of 15 to 20 young adults, dinner, and lively discussions on various topics.

Our discussion about Emotional Intelligence generated the most enthusiastic interactions. Emotional Intelligence is the ability to understand and control your own emotions and the ability to influence the feelings of others.

These amazing individuals were eager to learn how to transform their lives and influence the lives of others by intentionally developing their EQ.



The online scheduling option has been a great blessing. During the last quarter, I noticed a significant increase in the number of sessions scheduled. It is a blessing to reflect on the number of individuals God has allowed us to help during the past quarter.


"Good counselors don't tell you what to do. They listen. They ask questions. They then make observations and give suggestions. Jerry Evens does an excellent job of all these things. He's not afraid to speak the truth, but he is, first and foremost, a friend who enters into your situation to understand and see what is really going on.

I speak not as a partner in ministry or even as a friend. Although I am both, I speak as someone who has benefited personally from the honest and insightful conversations that brought healing and direction to my own marriage."


Your investment in Liberated Living Counseling Services makes all of this (and so much more) possible.

Your passion for broken people to experience God's healing inspires me!"

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