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I finally had an opportunity to catch my breath, collect my thoughts, and share some highlights from our June 2-4th weekend intensive.

It Never Grows Old

I love seeing expressions of surprise, gratitude, and tears when I tell clients that people pray for them during their counseling sessions and weekend intensives.

Ordinary to Extraordinary

God Uses The Ordinary to Accomplish The Extraordinary!

1. Home-cooked Meals. Rachael and I love to offer our guests opportunities to sample the local cuisine, which never disappoints. However, here is nothing like fellowshipping around the dinner table while eating one of Rachael's delicious home-cooked meals. God used his simple setting to offer our guests relevant insights and tangible takeaways as Rachael shared aspects of her emotional, relational, and spiritual health journey.

2. Tranquil Settings. Our guests encountered a wide range of emotions during the weekend intensive. Just as location plays a significant role when selling a house, the session setting is critical for an intensive to be effective. God used the quiet countryside setting of our backyard and the picturesque landscape and walking trails in Mount Gretna to de-escalate any sense of defensiveness and deflection while offering an opportunity for self-reflection and personal growth.

3. Casual Conversations. A client once told me, "Jerry, your counseling sessions are like a meaningful conversation with a trusted friend over a cup of coffee." In this safe, grace-filled environment, God replaced feelings of guilt, shame, condemnation, and anxiety with His forgiveness, love, grace, mercy, and security. I is mind-blowing to watch God work through the our casual conversations (sessions) during the intensive to renew the minds and transform the lives of our guests (Romans 12:2).

The Power of Prayer

Thank you for joining us on the battlefield and engaging the enemy through your prayers.

We praise God for answered prayer and blessing our guests with a renewed hopefulness and vision for their marriage and family.

At the conclusion of our time together, our guests scheduled an additi nal ten sessions and expressed an interest in making the weekend intensive an annual event!

Rachael and I were blessed by your prayer support and encouraging emails and text messages!

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