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Unhealthy pastors regularly attend to the emotional, physical, spiritual and relational needs of individuals in their congregation, often without any regard for their own personal well-being. As a result, they experience episodes of anger, anxiety, depression, burnout, fatigue, as well as spiritual and relational conflict. Unhealthy doesn’t always mean disqualified.

We cultivate healthy pastors by offering them a safe, confidential, grace-filled environment where they can address their personal and professional counseling needs. We help pastors develop a personal wellness that incorporates Self-Care and Soul-Care disciplines that intentionally monitors their mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and relational health.

Begin your journey to becoming personally and professionally healthy by exploring these resources and assessments!


“Jerry’s counseling ministry, Liberated Living, has been very impactful in our district.  He has helped many people and especially those people in ministry who need a little help. Let's face it, in these difficult days; ministers need ministry! Jerry is a man of     compassion, character, and wisdom. We are glad to have him as a ministry partner."