"As a Pastor, it is often quite a challenge to meet the needs of the congregation as far as sharing the Word in services during the week, visitation, and all that goes along with pastoring, yet still carve out time to counsel as the need arises. I have not hesitated in referring people from our congregation to Jerry Evens, and indeed have heard many wonderful reports from those who have done so. One of the areas is marriage counseling, and having someone independent from the situation is very helpful to me as the couple can attend church without being concerned with what has been shared during the week in a counseling session. While we still counsel to a degree, there are times that our level of training is limited, and those are the times Liberated Living Counseling Services is called upon. We have even provided financial assistance to people who attend our church, yet are unable to pay some of the fees associated. We believe it has been money well invested! If you are in need of counseling, or referring someone for counseling, don't wait another moment...get in touch with Jerry Evens and Liberated Living Counseling Services!"


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