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Liberated Living Counseling Services exists to provide a confidential, grace-filled, individualized environment where clients can rediscover hope and live in freedom.

We provide biblically-based professional services to individuals, couples, families, pastors, and congregations that are affordable and accessible so that they may live, love, and lead well.

Programs & Counseling Services

Freedom Found

People and Pastors trust us to help people who are hurting experience freedom

"My time with Jerry has been not only extremely valuable but also uplifting!

 Jerry's counseling style has impacted me often because when he suggests something for me to try or think about, it often hits me like, why didn't I think of that, or that's good common sense.

 I appreciate the faith component of the counseling as it brings a foundation to the healing and growth process.

 I've traveled through marital issues that have helped me better understand and embrace my wife's perspective. I continue to travel through a very difficult health issue that Jerry has helped me know God's peace and compassion that continues to be a powerful part of my journey."

B. P., Client

"I almost walked away from my marriage and my ministry."

Dave Haney, Pastor

"It's my pleasure to affirm Jerry Evens as a skilled professional counselor.  Jerry's background as a pastor has equipped him well to care for individuals with grace and truth. His education, combined with years of experience, has prepared him to listen well and provide excellent and practical counsel. I have a great deal of respect for Jerry personally and professionally and value his ability to effectively counsel and care for people."

Deb Hinkle, Director of Spiritual Formation and Family Ministry

"For years Jerry Evens was a local church pastor who helped people from the pulpit. He taught the scriptures and helped people apply the principles to their daily lives. It was through this experience in this that God developed in him the desire to take a different approach to ministry in people's lives; God placed in his heart the desire to help people through counseling.

​His counseling ministry, Liberated Living, has been very impactful in our district. He has helped many people, and especially those people in ministry who need a little help. Let's face it, in these difficult days; ministers need ministry! Jerry is a man of compassion, character, and wisdom. We are glad to have him as a ministry partner."

Eddie Cole, Pastor

"Partnering with Liberated Living Counseling Services has been a great benefit to my ministry and our congregation. I am able to refer members of our church family to a trusted and capable Christian counselor to help them work through personal issues that require extended counseling. This allows me to support them as their pastor while they receive in-depth counseling that I couldn’t provide due to all of my other pastoral duties. I highly recommend that you invite Jerry to support your ministry and your congregation through his professional counseling expertise." 

Kevin Frain, Pastor

"In a very tough season of life, I was introduced to Jerry. He immediately felt like not just a counselor but a friend. His willingness to walk alongside and be a voice repeatedly calling to seek Jesus first- gave me the firm foundation that I needed to not only weather life’s storms- but to thrive. The work has been challenging but it allowed me to walk through this valley so that I could arrive in a space where:

 “Healed people can heal people. Freed people can free people. Changed people can play their part and see lives in communities changed” - Jo Saxton

I’m forever grateful to God for using Jerry, and his wisdom and guidance, to help navigate my life’s journey to a steady and healthy place."

M. F., Client

"Good counselors don't tell you what to do. They listen. They ask questions. They then make observations and give suggestions. Jerry Evens does an excellent job of all these things. He's not afraid to speak the truth, but he is first and foremost a friend who enters into your situation to understand and see what is really going on.  I speak not as a partner in ministry or even as a friend. Although I am both. I speak as someone who has benefited personally from the honest and insightful conversations that brought healing and direction to my own marriage."

Matt Given, Pastor

"As a Pastor, it is often quite a challenge to meet the needs of the congregation as far as sharing the Word in services during the week, visitation, and all that goes along with pastoring, yet still carve out time to counsel as the need arises. I have not hesitated in referring people from our congregation to Jerry Evens and indeed have heard many wonderful reports from those who have done so. One of the areas is marriage counseling, and having someone independent from the situation is very helpful to me as the couple can attend church without being concerned with what has been shared during the week in a counseling session. While we still counsel to a degree, there are times that our level of training is limited, and those are the times Liberated Living Counseling Services is called upon. We have even provided financial assistance to people who attend our church, yet are unable to pay some of the fees associated. We believe it has been money well invested! If you are in need of counseling or referring someone for counseling, don't wait another moment...get in touch with Jerry Evens and Liberated Living Counseling Services!"

Norman Lawrence, Pastor

"Jerry has had extensive experience as a Pastor and has done a great deal of counseling.  He is compassionate, cheerful, easy to relate to, and insightful. He provides both spiritual care and counseling help with excellence."

Omar Zook, LCSW

"Over the last year, I have partnered with Liberated Living Counseling Services to provide extended Christian counseling for individuals and marriages in our church. Having a Christian professional counselor you can recommend provides relief when you are shepherding a congregation. I highly recommend Jerry Evens and Liberated Living Counseling Services!"

Randy Hunt, Pastor


Contact us with any questions and we will respond within 24-48 hours. However, if you or a loved one is in crisis, please call 911 to get help immediately - do not use this form.

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